Calendar by Rick Lax


I don't leave many reviews but this one deserves one!

I love doing zodiac divination type stuff and use a progressive anagram to get signs from people all the time. Also, I've learned to VERY quickly calculate what day of the week it was for any date in history. However, this takes my little routine to a whole new level b/c I can now get their birthday without asking for it!

I would definitely recommend that you use a "random date generator" (Google it) to practice using this calendar prop. You will get very good at calculating birthdays within a few hours of practice.

One tip: I would suggest using the fingers on one hand to keep track of the month. There are only four panels that are used to calculate the month so, if they say yes to a panel, you can use the fingers on one hand to press down on the calendar or leg, etc and that way you can keep all your attention on the day. It really helped me, hope it helps others.

I would buy this again for sure!

Rick, thanks for another great effect!
Date Added: 05/11/2019 by Aslan Arias


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