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Camouflage (DVD & Gimmicks) by Jay Sankey - Trick


Overall I was actually surprised. I thought I had a good idea how it was all done, but was pleasantly surprised with some of the methodology and the ways Jay explains hd has thought of each effect.

The gimmicks supplied is more than enough to make all the tricks on the dvd x3. And they look great, Jay goes over how it had taken him quite some time to get the gimmick right, and he succeeded. The gimmicks do look fantastic but, here is my negative, I don't feel this is really that amazingly original. That is apart from the cut the whole deck in half trick. Out of all the effects I'll probably be only doing the cut in half deck trick, but I must admit it is a great illusion. I've tried it already and it is going straight into my walk around routine!

Because of the cut in half deck alone, I would give that single effect 10/10. It's easy, practical and I will 100% be doing it.

So I would recommend getting this DVD, the effects are good and Jay's teaching is great. The dvd and gimmick quality are also great. So I would recommend this! Great job Jay! :D
Date Added: 11/06/2018 by Tom Elderfield



I'm a Magician from Curacao(in the caribbean) It's the first time I received a good service like this. Keep up the good work guys!

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