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Catanzarito Magic

Boxology by Catanzarito Magic video DOWNLOAD

Spectators are saying: INCREDIBLE! UNBELIEVABLE! AMAZING! Other Performers are saying: SIMPLE! CLEVER! PRACTICAL! After all four and five star reviews on their first release (Mind Card 2.0) - Catanzarito Magic is proud to present Boxology the impossible card location effect. With this incredibly...

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Cubed Card by Catanzarito Magic - Trick

Perform 5 Amazing Magic Effects with a Single Business-Sized Card! New from Catanzarito Magic comes Cubed Card - a single business-sized card you can carry with you at all times. Now you can be prepared to perform 5 amazing magic effects at any time! Cubed Card contains the images of 48 dice (24 on...

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Mind Card 2.0 by Catanzarito Magic video DOWNLOAD

"This is FANTASTIC! - I LOVE your method!" - Dan Harlan Mind Card 2.0 by Catanzarito Magic is a new mentalism effect that is 100% propless where your assistant can instantly know a thought of card without any strange body positions, weird phrases, awkward gimmicks, etc. Download includes additional...

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Unbelieveable! The only real Magic that is taking place here is just how great these guys are .... Many, many thanks for being there. Best supplier...

Nicest magic owners

Brandi and Jeff are the nicest and most helpful magic merchants!

great services!

Customer service, prices and shipping were great! Received my order in 7 days after I ordered it.


Brandi M is AWESUM. QUICK RESPONSE! Was - THOUGHT I was - missing an item. But cuz she PACKED IT HERSELF she knew it was in there - and it WAS. To...

I'm sooo Happy

Thank you MJM for answering all if my question and your fast delivery and follow up. Robert