Miracles of the Mind Vol 2 by TA Waters - DVD
Miracles of the Mind Vol 2 by TA Waters - DVD
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COLD LUNCH by Dan Sperry - TRICK

  • SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
  • Manufactured by: Dan Sperry

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A Paranormal Presentation For The Out To Lunch Concept

Dan Sperry now shares his paranormal presentation on the "Out to Lunch" concept. Included is everything you need to perform BOTH of these eerie versions:


Magician shows a stack of spirit photos with ectoplasm coming out of the medium's mouth. After a quick history of spirit photography is explained (just Google it), the magician points out something particularly strange. Even though it was all fake, when these photos would get developed, things that weren't originally there would appear in the photos!

He then removes one of the photo cards from the stack and shows 6 Zodiac signs on their back sides. The spectator is asked to name a number between 1 and 6, say for example 4. The magician counts over to the 4th sign and has the spectator remember what that sign looks like - making a mental picture of it in their mind. Next, the spectator holds the card between their hands and after a few moments and some clever drama from the magician, they open their hands to see that the image of the Zodiac sign they chose has now mysteriously appeared within the ectoplasm coming out of the medium's mouth in the photo where, moments earlier, it was not there.


Magician shows a stack of photos of his great grandparents' old farm house and tells of how, 6 months after they had bought the farm, it mysteriously burned to the ground. The magician's great grandmother would always blame it on the shadowy man she claimed she could see standing in doorways... walking down halls... or even saw in windows watching her as she worked in the garden. The magician then says he wonders whether the spectator can possibly possess any psychic abilities and figure out what time of the year the house burnt down.

He then removes one of the photos from the stack and shows that there are 6 Zodiac signs on its back side - one of them is the correct one. He asks the spectator to name any number one to 6, for example 3. After spelling out the word THREE, the spectator is asked to BURN the image of the chosen Zodiac sign into their memory and hold the photo card between their hands. After a few moments, they think they start to feel some heat. They open their hands to show that the image of the farmhouse has changed -- it appears to be on fire with a shadowy man standing in the foreground. The image of their chosen Zodiac sign - which happens to be the right one - is now burned into the image on the card!

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