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Color Sync by David Jonathan

  • Manufactured by: Penguin Magic (V)


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Each of you secretly chooses a color, five times. When the cards are turned over, THEY MATCH PERFECTLY. Self-working, no skill required! Pros are raving.

There isn’t an easier way to predict the actions of your spectators than this. Perfectly predict the choices of your audience even though they make all of the decisions. Reveal that you and your spectator have matched the colors of the cards with no funny moves, no equivoque, and no verbal gymnastics. The choices are one hundred percent free and fair, and yet you are correct every single time. This is Color Sync by David Jonathan.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces a set of white cards and a set of black cards that each have boldly colored faces. The spectator takes one set, and the magician takes the other. Both the magician and the spectator mix their packets. One at a time, the spectator places their face-down cards onto the magician's face-down cards. When the cards are turned over, the color pairs match perfectly every time.

This trick is more than a little insane. Not only do the cards do all the work, but your audience has a truly free choice the entire way through the routine. The magician doesn’t even have to hold the cards. The magician can place each of their cards out on the table, and then the audience can place their cards on top of the magician’s individual cards, and without even stacking the pairs, they can still be turned over to show that the colors match. This is the classic 5-card ESP Matching plot, but unlike you’ve ever seen it before. These beautiful cards with brightly colored faces are instantly accessible to any audience with no need to explain what the symbols are or the concept of ESP. This can play for magicians and mentalists and fits inside your wallet. You receive the very special cards that make this amazing effect possible, along with a detailed instructional video from David Jonathan that takes you through many incredible handling options that seem incredibly fair to even the most jaded audience member. This is a matching trick that drops jaws and leaves your audiences stunned. This is Color Sync by David Jonathan.

"David has created the holy grail of matching effects! This is by far the best method I've seen - the cards do all the work and it looks so clean it's criminal. With no table needed and an almost instant reset, it’s perfect for strolling magicians and mentalists!" - Gary Jones

"David has taken one of the strongest ESP plots and given it a brand new look along with a punch-to-the-gut high impact climax." - David Regal

"I love everything about Color Sync. No abstract ESP cards, no table needed, and an AMAZING method that’s a worker!" - Greg Rostami

"Color Sync is an exceptional piece of direct and visual mentalism that will leave audiences dumbfounded. It’s also easy to understand, making it perfect for loud working environments or if there is a language barrier. The best thing of all is that it is completely self-working. Highly recommended!" - Paul Brook

"An amazingly visual matching effect! Superbly thought out, easy to follow and very direct. This is an absolute winner!" - Steve Dela

"This is great. Just great. Like I am going to use this all the time great!" - Jon Armstrong

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