COLOUR MATCH CHIPS by Merlins - Trick

  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Merlins of Wakefield


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You show two sets of poker chips. There are four to each set, and each set contains a red, white, blue and green chip. (color of chips will vary) A spectator selects either set of chips and you take the other set (no force). Both the spectator and you hide your chips behind your backs and mix them thoroughly. To be certain both sets are well mixed, you and the spectator swap sets, unseen and mix them up once again.

You now ask the spectator to bring forward any one of his chips into view from behind his back. As he does this, you also bring forward the matching colored chip from behind your back. This is repeated with a second chip, and again the colors match. Each of you still have two chips behind your backs, which you again mix. You ask the spectator to conceal one chip in each closed hand, and you both bring your hands forward. When the chips are now checked, both sets of chips match for an amazing finale! Everything can be examined BEFORE and AFTER the effect!

No markings on the chips! No extra chips used! No magnets! Nothing added or taken away!

"That's great, I'll take one please"
- Andy Nyman at Blackpool Magic Convention 2020

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