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Effect: A few cards bearing names of different countries are handed over to a spectator. He is instructed to mix the cards in a face down manner & place the cards face down on the table. After the spectator has completed shuffling, the performer places an envelope containing a prediction on the table & hands over a playing die to the spectator. The die is rolled & the top spot on the die is noted. The cards are now picked up by the spectator & based on the top most number on the die all the cards are discarded except one. The prediction is now taken out from the envelope & it is found to be a picture of the flag of the same country which is written on the card selected by the spectator. The spectator now turns the envelope around & on the other side is the number which corresponds to the number of spots on the top of the rolled die.

Key points:
  • Spectator mixes the cards himself & at no point does the performer gain possession of the cards.
  • Die can be rolled as many times as the spectator wishes before he finally selects the number on top. Die is not loaded.
  • The prediction is placed in front of the spectator even before the die is rolled & remains throughout the experiment.
  • Everything may be thoroughly examined.
  • No Stooges or Pre-show work involved.
  • May Be repeated instantly with varying outcomes.

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