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Dave Forrest's REM (DVD and Gimmicks) - DVD


There are some clever touches on some standard sleights and forces in play here. These ideas will be useful outside the scope of this effect and help to hide the workings of some basic sleights that are usually a bit obvious for my taste. Forrest tried to make this effect easily accessible, sleight-wise, but I think the initial card force here is a little too transparent. Better options are available out there that would require only slightly more skill than the suggested force; indeed, the force used in The Man Who Paints the Future is considerably stronger and would work well here. Also included is an alternative handling that does simplify the procedure a bit, but a facility with a particular psychological force is required. This handling is more to my liking, but it will require a bit more out of the performer.
I think the most interesting thing here is the premise of the effect itself. It provides an interesting presentational frame that captures the interest of the audience. The reactions that this effect can generate are strong. The premise is an exciting one for the participant, because that individual is the one playing psychic.
The method is essentially a series of forces. The performer’s ability at presenting the effect will determine whether it seems a bit procedure laden or a natural progression of choices. While the effect does not require great physical dexterity to perform, it does require an experienced performer to keep things interesting while going through the various choices required of the spectator. The series of revelations at the end of the effect have the ability to make up for any slow spots during the effect. They occur in a rapid-fire and visible fashion. The build-up to the final reveal of a thought-of card has the advantage of building expectation in the spectator, all while adding time misdirection from the initial force. The reactions in the performance video are, I think, typical ones. While there are things I would change in the method, I think the presentation here is tough to beat. Recommended.
Date Added: 05/12/2020 by John Wilson - June 2016 MAGIC Magazine


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