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DeadLift By Ali Foroutan video DOWNLOAD

  • Manufactured by: Ali Foroutan

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"Since it uses a regular deck and no gimmicks, Deadlift piqued my interest and therefore, I paid attention watching the performance. In vain. Fooled me completely. Well done Ali, that was super clean."
Phedon Bilek

"A very elegant trick that will baffle your audience."
Paul Brook

! No... not the heavy compound movement that works for multiple muscle groups. Instead, this is a hard hitting piece of mentalism that looks very clean.

It is a hands off impossible card divination that can be done with any regular deck and no gimmicks.

Either you or your spectator shuffles the cards. While your back is turned they cut to a card, they memorize it, and they bury it somewhere in the deck. You turn your back around, and with 100% accuracy, you can go through the cards and remove their thought of card.

To perform this effect, you will need a very small setup that takes only a few seconds.

"Deadlift looks super clean. An invisible method that you can apply loads of presentations."
- Warren Thackeray

"If the method is 100%, this is a magician dream trick!"
- Rocco Silano

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Customer Service Feedback

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