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The New and Improved Deck TR: The Most Advanced Programmable Thread Reel Just Got Even Better.

What is Deck TR?
Deck TR is a programmable invisible thread reel cleverly disguised within a playing card box! What's more natural for a magician than to have a deck of cards on them? Who would ever suspect that a card box has anything to do with the magician causing objects to float or move? Deck TR can do just that! No need to hide this device from your spectators - carry it in your pocket, place it on a shelf, or even set it right out in the open on a table! Deck TR is a professional magicians tool. As seen in the demo above, Deck TR can float objects, fly objects, move objects, animate objects and do anything that a standard thread reel can do and MUCH more.

What's New with Deck TR?
Deck TR is BACK and is PACKED with tons of new features. With 20 years of experience behind him, Sean Bogunia has rebuilt the Deck TR from the ground up as the most advance invisible thread reel system available.

Fine-Tuned Controls
No more removing the Deck TR from the card box to power on or off the device - This update has made the buttons all completely hidden, yet pressable with the box on. Charge the Deck TR without removing it from the playing card box. Light haptic feedback is provided from a silent vibrating motor - so you'll always know if you're pressing the right buttons. This makes operating the device slicker than ever before.

Multi-Button Wireless Keyfob Remote
Control of the new and improved Deck TR has also been streamlined. Like it's predecessor, Deck TR can be operated from controls on the gimmick. But now, a keyfob remote can not only can start your recorded programs, but trigger the motor manually, enter and exit ITR mode and even adjust the thread speed.

Precision Speed Control
Deck TR has a built in Precision Speed Control System! This allows the user to define their own precise speed according to the type of thread being used! Speed adjustments can now be done from both the controller and the wireless remote. Need the perfect speed to levitate an object? Now with Default Speed Save, you can save the perfect speed to the controller and recall it later.  No more "one size fits all" thread control. Now you are in control!

Improved Battery Technology
Deck TR's power system has been updated to feature a much larger capacity battery-4 times the capacity to be exact! No more fiddling with small LiPo batteries either - the new Deck TR's battery is entirely internal. 1 charge allows you to do several hours of regular table hopping performances.

Wireless Charging
Deck TR now features a built in wireless charger. Simply set the device on any standard wireless phone charging mat and the device will recharge. Deck TR also retains its original USB micro B connector for hard-wired charging as well.

Key Components of Deck TR

3 Different Performance Modes
Firstly, Deck TR is programmable, allowing you to record and playback your own custom animations. Use the onboard buttons to pause and play your routine.  Second, you can use your Deck TR to animate objects with live mode. Live mode allows you to operate the motor remotely on and off as you press the button on the wireless Remote. Lastly, ITR mode allows you to use the unit as a regular IT reel! You do not need a computer to program your Deck TR - Programming is neither difficult, nor confusing. If you can press a button and turn a wheel, you can program your Deck TR!

Perfect Tension Technology
The Deck TR controller has what we like to call Perfect Tension Technology. This is a first when it comes to electronic invisible thread reels. What is Perfect Tension Technology? As you may have experienced in the past on other invisible thread reels, the biggest drawback is the batteries they use. Some use AAA batteries and there's a few out there that use watch style batteries. The drawback to this is that your thread tension always changes depending on battery life. If you put a fresh battery in your unit it will work very well for a little amount of time and then slowly, as the battery begins to drain its power, the tension changes and becomes much weaker. This dramatically affects your invisible thread animations. With Perfect Tension Technology this problem has been eliminated. Each Deck TR unit has a built in computer that ensures that the motor always gets the same power. Meaning your thread tension will always be perfect regardless of battery life! This is quantum leaps ahead of all electronic invisible thread reels.

Computer Interface
Your Deck TR can connect to your computer using the USB cord that comes with your unit. This allows you to save your programs from your Deck TR to your computer. You can reload your programs as you need them and even email them to your friends! Watch the included tutorial for more details.

Super Strong Invisible Thread
Each Deck TR comes with 200 yards of pre-stripped Super Strong Invisible Thread! This thread is great for many animations, I use this same thread in my Ultra Hank. Because the Deck TR has advanced speed controls, it can use many different kinds of invisible thread.

What is included with your new and improved Deck TR:
1 New and Improved Deck TR Unit
1 5-Button Keyfob Remote
1 Additional Motor Pod
1 Spool of Super Strong Invisible Thread (200 Yards!) No stripping required!
2 Extra Deck TR Spools (No Thread Included on these spools)
2 Magnet Clips
1 USB to Micro USB B Cord
1 Putty Square
2 Motor Pod Extension Wires
 Link to the Updated Instructional Video

(Note: Not all effects in the demo video are taught on the instructional video because the video would be way too long! However, there are some great Tips from Ron Jaxon and Sean teaches the Hanky in the Bottle routine. Once you begin using your Deck TR, you will see how easily it will replace your old invisible thread methods!)

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  • Manufactured by: Sean Bogunia

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