Defaced by Martin Braessas

Four miracles in one fireworks-display of card mastery... and it's practically self-working! An entire 4-phase routine in your pocket.

The deck changes from blue to red, and then the ink on the faces of the cards vanishes without a trace. This multi-phase routine is a wild ride your audience will never see coming. This is Defaced by Martin Braessas.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces a blue-backed deck of cards. The audience selects and remembers a card, which is then lost in the deck. The magician then turns the top card to make it look like the deck is facing up. With a snap of the fingers, the rest of the deck is spread and revealed that it actually has turned face up, except for one card. That card is revealed to be the selection. The selection is removed from the deck and placed face down on the table to display the blue back. The deck is then turned face down, and the blue backs are revealed to have all transformed to red. The selection is turned face up again to emphasize that they had to pick that card. When the deck is turned face up and spread, the deck no longer has any faces. The spectator picked the only card with printing on it, as the rest of the deck is now completely blank.

Defaced comes with a very special deck of cards that does nearly all the work for you. This custom-printed deck makes this multiphase routine as easy as spreading a deck of cards. No deck switch required. Taught in detail by Erik Tait, you’ll learn the original handling from Martin Braessas, as well as an advanced handling that is perfect for social media. Defaced is a powerful color-changing deck effect that is a complete routine all by itself. Give your audience a grin when you perform Defaced by Martin Braessas.

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  • Manufactured by: Penguin Magic (V)
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