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Definitive (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Chris Rawlins - Trick

  • SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
  • Manufactured by: Chris Rawlins


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Definitive is a new thought test from Christopher Rawlins. You will receive a specially designed and printed book that perfectly resembles a real dictionary, though it hides many professional secrets. You will also gain access to detailed video instructions that run over 140 minutes and teach 6 full professional grade routines and numerous additional ideas and revelations that create the perfect illusion of mind reading, influence and prediction. Once Definitive is in your hands you won't want to leave home without it.

As Mind Reading: Learn Chris' full Definitive handling that plays to groups of 3, 4 or 5 people. Two spectators open the book to any page and think of a word. You immediately know their secret words with no fishing. Then a freely chosen page is removed from the book and a third spectator tears it into small pieces. They mix the pieces and choose one, there is no force of the piece. They decide how they would like to think about that information and you know every time.

As Prediction: You hand a spectator an envelope. They choose a page which is removed from the dictionary. This is then torn into pieces. They choose any piece, with no forces and are invited to choose how they would prefer to think about that information. No matter what your prediction is a perfect match, every time.

As Influence: A perfect demonstration of influence. No matter what choices are made, you will always arrive exactly where you need to be. A perfect closer for your show with no memory work, no add-ons and no switches.

As Coincidence: A spectator takes a bookmark and inserts it into the dictionary. The page at that exact location is removed, torn and pieces mixed. The spectator selects one piece and then chooses how they prefer to think about the information. They never see the end coming: a surprising revelation of a perfect coincidence.

Drawing A Thought: A spectator opens the book to any page. They freely think of a word. They imagine this word as an image. You draw it. This is Chris' favourite current use for Definitive when he wants something quick, interesting and visual.

A Drawn Thought: This begins in the same ay as Drawing A Thought though ends with the word being part drawn and full written.

Verbal Mind Reading: You will learn how to verbally reveal thoughts from within the dictionary without the use of pads, bookmarks, predictions or pens.

A Thought Five Ways: Read the minds of 5 spectators with no tearing, no fishing, no anagrams, no fuss. A perfect opener for any mind reading performance. Direct, fooling, efficient and elegant.

Also Included In The Project: Chris shares revelation ideas, further thoughts and potential uses for this amazing and very special book.

You will receive one specially designed and printed Definitive book. Two custom designed bookmarks and detailed video instruction running over 140 minutes!

"I have long thought that the only book that should be used for a book test is a dictionary. Why use a random novel, that no one knows, when a dictionary is something everyone is familiar with. It makes perfect sense for a word to be randomly selected from a dictionary. Unfortunately there have been very few dictionary tests and even fewer that I felt 'ticked all the boxes', that is until now! Chris obviously thought the same and applied his vast wealth of knowledge to create the definitive word test. What a fantastic concept, a fiendish assortment of methods disguised in the simple innocence of a dictionary. THIS is the book test I've been waiting for!"
- Marc Paul

"Definitive is quite simply one of the best booktests I've seen in many years. It's versatile, it's powerful, it's extremely easy to use and it's very deceptive. I've got more than five of these books at home: ready and waiting to be taken out on the road. I can't wait and I know you'll feel the same upon receiving yours. A phenomenal release from an extremely clever creator!"
- Dee Christopher (Co-founder of The 1914 & Star of BBC Killer Magic.)

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