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Deflect by Skulkor - DVD

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Its easy to do.... I can make one in less than 10 don't let that issue stop you from getting this. It's clever and oh so easy to do! You are basically paying for the method, as while 10 "gimmicks" are included.... Knowing what I know now, i would buy without ANY gimmicks included.... I've only performed this once for a buddy but I did catch his eyes and they "popped open" he said, "Man, HOW DO YOU DO THAT, I WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT IT". I love when that happens..... it's very good. I should change that 4 to a 5 but I realize the box could be an issue for some who refuse to pick up a scissors. ....My advice? BUY IT NOW, its GREAT! ...
Date Added: 03/14/2020 by Bobby K


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