DINO MAGIC SURPRISE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Luis Zavaleta & Nox - Trick

DINO MAGIC SURPRISE by Luis Zavaleta & Nox
Inspired in a classic of magic but with a little twist
  • A very funny and interactive routine
  • Very easy to do
  • Excellent quality (plastic)
  • More than six minute comedy routine
  • Very nice graphics
The Magician Shows a dinosaur egg, and announce that inside it is a baby T-rex.

When the magician is trying to take out the T-rex, he can't do it , then he apologizes to the public because apparently the dinosaur will not be able to perform in the show.

Suddenly, the T-rex start to rise when the magician is not looking. When the magician turns to see what's happening, he realizes that the dinosaur is going out the egg without having been announced, so he puts the dinosaur inside the egg as the beginning, then the magician says to the little T-rex that please do not come out until he presents him...but the dinosaur decides to come out again and again...

(in this part the kids go crazy)

Tired of this situation, the magician decides to tell the dinosaur that he can come out now....but the T-rex doesn't obey...

The magician starts to pull out the dinosaur and finally the audience can see at this baby T- rex.

The magician says that he will show to the audience that this dinosaur can do magic, now call the attention about his color ( green), then, the magician passes the T-rex over his back and shows to the kids that the color changes into red...

The magician repeats the action but letting the audience noticing what is happening (on purpose)

At this point the kids are telling the magician that he is turning around the dinosaur, (they saw the magician has a green dinosaur on one side and a red dinosaur on the other side so they want to shout it!)

The magician takes advantage of this moment to put the dinosaur inside the egg saying "okay so if you don't like this trick, well...then, he takes the dinosaur out of the egg and put it apart..."

Then, he asks to the kids what happened and they reply "you turn it around"

Then, the magician puts the dinosaur upside down two or three times trying to obey the children, but finally, the magician shows the other side of the dinosaur and surprisingly there is not a red dinosaur, there's a CAVEMAN!

  • A gimmicked dinosaur egg
  • A green dinosaur with a caveman in the back
  • A half of red dinosaur with black in the other side

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  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores

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