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THE CODE (English Version) by Fenik - Book

THE CODE "THE EXCLUSIVE REPERTOIRE OF FENIK" THE ELEGANCE OF MAGIC IS BACK! Fenik has made his reputation as a magician's magician for more than two decades. He has been a student and friend of true legends of magic and is considered the most outstanding heir of one of the best...

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THE CODE (Spanish) by Fenik - Book

Fenik ha hecho su reputación como mago de magos a los largo de más de dos décadas. Ha sido alumno y amigo de verdaderas leyendas de la magia y es considerado el heredero más destacado de unas de las mejores escuelas de carto-magia del mundo: la...
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Torn and Transformed by Fenik - Trick

A spectator selects a playing card from a shuffled deck. The magician shows three pieces of paper and tears them into several pieces. Magically and very cleanly, the pieces of paper are restored and transformed into a jumbo playing card that matches the selected card. Easy to do! Do it everywhere...
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