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Electric Touch+ (Plus) DVD and Gimmick by Yigal Mesika - Trick


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I've had this thing for quite some time now (pretty much since the day it came out, which was around April of 2013; I didn't buy it until April 22, 2013). Either way, I've had approximately 4-5 months to test this thing out on the streets!!! Before I get to my review, I'd like to say that if you're going to buy this JUST to shock people, then DON'T buy this as it is not meant solely for that purpose. This is a utility device, when put into the hands of a magician that uses this wisely, will create magic that is over the top/will get extreme and I mean EXTREMELY POWERFUL REACTIONS!!! I would like to say thanks to ZOMBIE FROM THE MAGIC CAFE! I'VE BEEN A FAN OF HIS REVIEWS/HIS ADVICE SINCE THE DAY HE JOINED THE CAFE! It's a shame that I have not decided to join the magic cafe as I have been reading it since 2003 (regarding a box I was interested in). Ok, moving on, here's my complex review: The Price: WOW.... Even with the added savings, this thing is still quite expensive!! I mean... Thank god it's not at its regular price of $250.00, but at $199.95, it's still very expensive!!!! At this price, is ET+ worth it??? My answer... YES!!!! OF COURSE IT'S WORTH IT!! AT $199.95 THIS THING IS FANTASTIC!!! THE PRICE ALONE WILL KEEP IT OUT OF THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO ARE JUST CURIOUS ABOUT HOW IT WORKS AND NOT ONLY THAT, IT'LL PREVENT SOME MAGICIANS FROM PURCHASING THIS, THUS IT WILL BE IN THE HANDS OF SERIOUS PERFORMERS and not in the hands of those who go HERE IS HOW IT WORKS!!! I'd also like to say that the M.S.R.P. that Yigal Mesika has decided to sell this at, is very reasonable for what you're getting. You can see the quality of this device from the packaging to the actual gimmick itself and you CAN'T just go to your garage and slap this together (ideally... you could make one yourself, but I highly doubt it'll be as small a gimmick and as powerful as the one that Yigal offers in the ET+). In short, spend the $199.95; you get the concept/method, handlings/tips/ideas from the genius himself and the professionally made gimmick!!! Overall rating: 5/5 The Packaging: The ET+ comes in a blue cardboard (slide-out) type of box that is all shrink-wrapped. Upon undoing the shrink wrap and sliding out the contents on the inner "drawer" like box, I felt the impression or professionalism/quality as everything was neatly packaged and just fits perfectly into the box! I can also tell by the quality of the items included. Very organized, very well presented and very well packaged! I'm very impressed with the nice elegant looking box! Very well done Mr. Mesika! Overall rating: 5/5 The DVD: I must have watched this thing at least a dozen times just to see the spectators reactions LOL. Yigal Mesika goes into depth on how to set this up. He explains the two methods of setup (one of which he prefers you to do and the other which he explains you could do, but is more less used for experimenting with the ET+). The DVD includes various tips/ideas/handling methods, what to do and what not to do, and he even does this out on the streets!!! SOME of the things he will teach you include: TRANSFERRING ELECTRICITY TO OTHERS, USING ELECTRICITY TO SHOCK YOUR SPECTATOR, ZAPPING SOMEONE WITH YOUR FOREHEAD, LIGHTING A LIGHT TUBE, CHARGING OBJECTS AS WELL AS MOVING SALT/PEPPER, BENDING WATER AND GETTING THINGS TO STICK TO WALLS!!! VERY EXCITING STUFF!!!! He has also included LIVE PERFORMANCES WHICH ARE GOLDEN!!! THIS WAS THE BEST PART AS IT ENCOURAGED ME TO ACTUALLY USE THIS AND IT GAVE ME AN INSIGHT AS WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN I PERFORM THE ROUTINES ON THE DVD/HOW HE HANDLES HIS SPECTATORS. IT ENGAGED THE LEARNING PROCESS AND MADE ME EVEN MORE INTERESTED!!! Showing live performances on a DVD is great!!!! The fact is, the tricks that I buy that don't have live performances generally tell me that they can't have live performances due to the trick being too unpractical/maybe they couldn't get a live performance due to the trick being poor. Now, having said that, there are a few trick in my arsenal that don't have live performance footage, but are killer and I mean KILLER when I use them. In short, a job well done Mr. Mesika! Everything on this DVD is GOLDEN!!! Btw, I love the routine that Mr. Mesika teaches on here when he sends the spectator a card by simply touching the spectator's forehead! The spectator can then name the card sent to them. THIS IS PURE GENIUS!!!!! XD Overall rating: 10/5 (Yes, that's over 100%! Why?! Because he included LIVE, MIND BLOWING, EXTREME REACTIONS PERFORMING THIS OUT ON THE STREETS!!!!) Lastly... THE ET+ (As Well As The Additional Gimmicks Supplied With It!): The ET+ is a VERY WELL DESIGNED/UTILITY GIMMICK THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME! (Just be aware that a part of the ET+ is constructed from a type of crystal glass which acts as a switch. In short, be very, VERY CAREFUL not to break this as this is what turns the ET+ on and off. Watch out for this, and the gimmick/utility prop will LAST YOU FOREVER! I should know, because I still use and own the original ET). The ET+ is very well designed, gives a powerful super shock, has an optional off, low or high setting, and plainly... It's just super awesome!!! It's SMALL, UNNOTICEABLE, AND SUPER POWERFUL, making this FANTASTIC!!! Also, you get more shocks per battery (along with a more powerful shock) when compared to that of the original ET. I have had a friend design his own, however, it's too big/bulky/noticeable and doesn't even come close to the super powerful shock that the ET+ gives off (on the other hand, he did save quite a bit of cash LOL). Also included are additional gimmicks which consist of: 4 batteries, the housing for the ET+ (WHICH IS NOW COATED AND PROTECTED FROM RUST!!!! (Unlike the old design)), some special tape, written instructions, and advertising (Hope I didn't forget anything LOL). The ET+ and the additional gimmicks supplied with it are of high, professional quality!!! This is definitely a step forward in design as well as quality when compared to that of the old ET. Overall rating: 10/5 again!!! (Why?? BECAUSE IT HAS MORE POWER, A BETTER DESIGN, MORE SHOCKS PER BATTERY AND THE ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT GIMMICK IS COATED AGAINST RUST!!!!). IN SHORT, MOST SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! IF YOU CAN AFFORD THIS, BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!!! THIS WILL PAY FOR ITSELF GIVEN YOUR TIME, EFFORT AND PATIENCE! I AM NOW KNOWN TO HAVE SUPER POWERS!!!! XD -C.G. (I normally don't leave my name or initials in public, but I have to this time!!! I WANT ALL MY FELLOW MAGICIANS THAT KNOW ME/WHO VISIT THIS SITE TO BROWSE THE REVIEWS, TO KNOW THAT IT IS ME AND I DO SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!!!)....
Date Added: 08/14/2017 by Calvin Gee
I am a professional mentalist and an electronics engineer. I had the first ET and been working with it for a long time. It was only natural for me to get the new model, as I was expecting a more silent way of operation and a sturdier construction. Let me tell you, this device is a piece of art - it literally allows you to take any mental effect to the next level. I have had many spectators believe in transference of thoughts via static energy. They actually felt their thoughts materialize thru the spark, it gives them "proof" for it! I combine it with my billet work and metal bending routines and it's just great. The possibilities are endless... The construction of the device is marvelous, a lot of engineering work was put into it and it shows. It is more silent by far, has a stronger spark and it looks much more durable than the first model. I am very happy for my purchase, and it indeed gives my walk around mentalism set an unbelievably strong impact. It gets my highest recommendation....
Date Added: 08/14/2017 by Rotem
WATCH THE DVD AND READ THE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS! They are very thorough and if you follow each step carefully, The Electric Touch Plus will work perfectly, right out of the box. I used the temporary setup and it works exactly as advertised. On the trailer, Yigal showed re-directing the water stream from the faucet into a glass. I tired it and It works. It's such a weird to experience to be able to do that type of magic. If you had magic gifts, this would be the type of thing you could do. It's the perfect effect to perform at a house party when they ask "can you show us something"? It's a reputation maker! The dvd shows MANY performances on the street, so you get a good collection of ideas to use. Electric Touch is a tool to accent powerful magic such as the Invisible Deck, Brainwave Deck, spoon bends, floating bills, etc. The age old question " what do I say when they ask how did I do that " can be answered with the Electric Touch Plus. Tell them the truth! Say "I have static electricity running through my body" and hold out your finger for them to touch and they will FEEL it! On the trailer you hear the electric charge. That's not a special effect. You can actually hear it when someone touches you! The reactions are unbelievable! The Electric Touch Plus is a powerful magic apparatus that will take you magic to the next level!...
Date Added: 08/14/2017 by Zombie Magic


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