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Elimination Experiment (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Kyle Purnell - Trick


First off I want to state that while Kyle is a friend, this is in no way a bias review!

Kyle showed me elimination experiment a while back and it blew me away. When he told me it was going to be released, I was so excited! Kyle sent me one, and upon arrival here is what comes with it.

1 video link with instructions
5 standard ESP cards
3 blank cards
1 white envelope to house it all in.


The video:
The video is top quality, as is all of Kozmos products. The video is around 20 min in length. The teaching by Kyle is clear and easy to understand. The bonus of “calculator cards” is a nice touch. If you have Kyle’s lecture notes “never finished” then you know how great calculator cards is. The one thing about the video I will say threw me off a bit, was that everything comes in a dvd slip case, yet there’s no dvd. It’s a video link.

The props:
you receive all necessary items to begin performing. Just grab a sharpie to write on the cards and you’re good to go. I do suggest practice writing on some
Spare cards to make sure you you can make the writing as neat as possible.

There’s really no difficult sleights. Kyle teaches all necessary moves in great detail as well as alternative moves

What would I change?
Honestly, this is as bare bones as it gets. The price of $20 I believe is fair. I think they could have gotten away with $25 or even $30 if they had a dvd and maybe a cheap plastic card holder. But that’s just being a bit too picky. It’s honestly perfect as is.

Would I recommend this?
I would recommend this for anyone who does a bit of mentalism and magic. A pure mentalist probably wouldn’t do this. As Kyle states in the video, this is a great Segway from mentalism to Magic and vise versa. I’d have to give this a 9/10. I use it, I like it, I think you Will too
Date Added: 06/13/2019 by Michael Pilkey


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