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3 by Eric Ross - DVD

3 by Eric Ross - DVD

3 tricks, designed to astonish your spectators, and stun even the best of skeptics. EACH one of the effects contained packs enough of a punch, to make your reputation as an entertainer, THAT much stronger. Eric has fooled some of the BEST with these effects, and now, he shares them with you....
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Blind Date (His & Her) by Eric Ross - Trick

Blind Date (His & Her) by Eric Ross - Trick

LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY! Effect: The performer shows spectator(s) a few cards, with one picture of a potential blind date on each card. The spectator sees some great looking choices and one older choice for the older generation. YIKES! The spectator is then asked to mix cards and discard some, while...
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Change for a Dollar (DVD & Gimmick) by Ron Jaxon & Eric Ross - Trick

In this updated version of the classic Mismade Bill, the bill changes form not once, but TWICE ! You take a borrowed bill and show it all around. You fold the bill in half and openly display it. In a snap, you move the seam (fold crease) to another edge. You open the bill and now the left half of...
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Tricks Against Humanity by Seymour B. - Trick

In the world of magic, there exist tricks... not discussed in polite company. These are the Tricks Against Humanity ! In this box, you'll learn tricks and gags to offend, appall and shock your audience! Tricks designed and tested from pro's all over the world! What better way to have some adult...

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