Esoteric Kennedy by Steven's Magic Emporium - Trick

  • Model: ESOTKEN
Date Added: 04/17/2023

4 stars

A visual piece of magic. It will take some practice. Some performance suggestions: You can do the set up in front of the spectator assuming you don't need reading glasses and have good eyesight. You can force a duplicate of the special card, switch the gimmicked card as you go for the coin in your other pocket. You can pull out a few coins, and just select the gimmicked coin (using the date). This can be inspected before the effect, another opportunity to switch the card at this point if you want. Set up can be done holding the card vertically , face to the audience, saying you want to alighn the circles on the back of the card with the coin, than you can show that having been done. Spinning the coin takes finesse and practice. I made a duplicate gimmick out of flat hard plastic to practice with, so as not to ruin the special card. Release the spinning coin onto a dinner plate or it will spin off your table. A good trick if performed under just the right circumstances.
by Michael S.