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Eternity by Emran Riaz

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“A bold and brilliant idea, I tried it 20 years with an acid pen… very unhappy with result. This is a million times better. No liquids, no mess, no chance of exposure. The Koran illusion becomes your reality. Imagine using it close up or on the largest stages in the world. I have the confidence that this can be a miracle anywhere. I find it impossible, thrilling and cool. Light on the footprint, enormous in response. 5 stars!” – Marc Salem

“This is awesome, a genuine improvement to a classic mental miracle and a true utility device that allows you to do it close up, or one on one, and give the “medallion” away at the end.” – Curtis Kam

“If you want to take the brilliant Al Koran Medallion effect and end with a fantastic giveaway, this is it.” – Paul Draper

“Eternity is a cool and modern way to perform the legendary Koran Medallion effect. Great props, strong routines and very versatile!” – Boris Wild

Your spectator can name any digits, initials, anything, and it will appear engraved on a medallion that they have been holding in their hand the entire time!

Eternity is a prediction engraving system designed for the close up performer. It allows you to engrave any type of information into a metal medallion in real time, giving you the ability to perform impossible prediction style effects.

The prediction is ENGRAVED. The engraved medallion can displayed and revealed on your keys, necklace, or pendulum. It can be examined, removed, and given away as a souvenir.

The secret engraving device hides in plain sight, and is used naturally as part of the performance. The method is simple and direct, and can be applied countless other routines.

There are no electronics, pre-show, or hidden assistants. The Eternity system can be used as a solo close up, or stage performer.

On the video you’ll learn the basic mechanics to creating a metal engraving during a performance. You’ll learn 3 routines from the creator Emran Riaz and Nick Locapo.

Several commonly carried objects are laid out on the table. The spectator is asked to think of the initials of somebody important in their life. A prediction is written on a business card is laid on the table. The spectator chooses an object, which turns out to be the same object predicted on the business card. As a kicker ending, the initials of the spectators thought of person appear engraved on a medallion connected to the object they selected, and are now holding. The medallion is removed and given away as a souvenir.

The performer calls attention to their necklace, and the medallion hanging from it. Three spectators are asked to name single digit numbers. The numbers are written down on a business card and displayed on the table. Upon closer examination of the medallion hanging from the necklace, the 3 freely named numbers are found engraved on one side. The medallion is removed and given away as a souvenir.

The performer makes a prediction on a business card, and places the card face down on the table. The spectator chooses 1 of 5 face down ESP cards using a pendulum. The selected ESP card and prediction are found to be an exact match. As a kicker ending, the spectators birthday is revealed to be engraved on a medallion that has been hanging from the pendulum they have been holding the entire time!


  • Tips on engraving medallions
  • Engraving Coins
  • Additional ideas

The Eternity kit comes with:

  • 1 Secret engraving tool
  • 25 Medallions
  • 2 key chain or necklace attachments
  • Various other materials

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