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Exile by Mathieu Bich


From the award winning mind of Mathieu Bich comes Exile – the effect that kick started the latest David Blaine special with a bang. Exile takes place entirely on the spectator’s own hand. Three small X’s are drawn on someone’s open palm. A quarter is placed in the center of their hand. Slowly, you slide your fingers over each X – and they visually, instantly vanish. No sign of ink to be seen. Nothing. When the quarter is lifted, there are three perfect X’s directly in the center of their palm.

This is one incredible piece of magic that utilizes a quarter and X’s that are drawn on the surface of the spectators own hand. I normally don’t do a lot of magic effects that utilize money and/or coins, but Exile is an effect I absolutely love to perform. You are also able to perform different variations of Exile instead of just drawing three X’s on a spectator’s palm. The fact that this effect is very versatile makes me enjoy using and performing this effect a lot more often than just using it occasionally when I want to add a little variety when I am performing card magic. Dan White, who teaches you everything you need to know about creating the gimmick as well as different variations of the effect is truly something I love about this whole effect.

Here are some variations that are taught on the DVD.

X Through Hand: Much like Ash on Palms – you draw an X on the back of someone’s hand and then you then proceed to rub the X from the back of their causing it to vanish. You then have them open their hand and on their palm is an X.

There’s also another variation of Exile where you draw an X on your forearm – then proceed to pick the X up off your forearm and then have it appear on the same location on your spectators arm, this has also gotten me quite a few good reactions.

All in all, the sky is the limit with Exile and you can come up with all sorts of different variations that utilize Exile. So once you obtain a copy and start to play around with it, I’m sure you will also come up with something original, and no matter what type of effect you can use, they are all deceptively simple yet hit very hard.

Price: $29.95


As with all of the Theory 11 effects that are taught on DVD you are guaranteed very high quality picture and sound. One of the downsides I found on the DVD is that it is very short, and has a run time of about 15 minutes. Which gives Dan White just enough time to go over construction of the gimmick, which some claim to be time consuming, but I timed myself making the gimmick and it took me about 15 minutes. But once you have created the Exile gimmick you won’t need to make another one, unless you want to have one for back up in case you were to lose the original. As for all the other variations you can use Exile for, you will also need to construct the gimmick for those as well. But they don’t take nearly as long as it does when you create the original Exile gimmick with a quarter.

One other aspect that I wish was added to the instructions of the performance, would be for a way to both begin and end the effect clean. Since I already know pretty much the basic sleight of hand needed to perform the effect, as well as end clean, I had no problem at all performing the effect. Although a beginner just might have a little difficulty with starting the effect with no suspicion and end clean as well. But this can be easily fixed by purchasing J.B. Bobo’s book on coin sleight of hand. And all you really need to learn, if you were a beginner with no background in coin sleights, is to learn the very basics of coin sleight of hand to begin the effect and end clean. Other than that, you have a very visual, high impact coin effect that has really given me great reactions from all the spectators I have shown this too.

Quality of material (if it is a gimmick etc):

Everything that you need to create the gimmick comes with the purchase and they have even included some of the extra special something to make this effect work to its fullest potential. Although there are three items that you’ll need to make the Exile gimmick, and chances are you already have them laying around the house. In the slight chance you might not have one or two of the items, a quick trip to your local thrift store or even your local market has everything that you need. All of the material that comes with the Exile DVD are very good quality and I am still using one of the items that’s needed to make part of the magic happen, and has been working for over a month now, and that includes about 45-50 performances. On the slight chance that when you purchase this effect and the special something doesn’t work anymore, Theory 11 provides you with 3 back up items. But if you’re like me and want to be sure you have everything so that nothing hinders your performance, Theory 11 provides you with everything you need and all for a very reasonable price that practically everyone can afford. All in all, I was very pleased with the durability of the items, and the gimmick, once made is something you won’t have to create. Of course, that is assuming you don’t lose it but that wouldn’t be the effects fault. I made two of the gimmicks with a total time of about 20 minutes for both of them, back to back. But if you want to make just one, then it really shouldn’t take any longer than 8-10 minutes at the most. The Exile gimmick, when taken care of, is something you can always carry with you and I really don’t see how it could EVER break. Which is what I really love about this effect, just one setup time and you’re ready for multiple performances for as many weeks/months as you would like to use in any of your close-up performances.


The difficulty level for this effect does require some very basic coin sleights which unfortunately is not taught on the DVD, at all. Dan White does teach you various ways to get into the effect, but for some reason left out what knowledge you would need to end clean. But if you’re a magician who already knows basic to advance coin sleights, this effect is literally a walk in the park, it’s that easy. For those who are unfamiliar with coin sleights and you want to pick this effect up then I highly suggest buying Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo. So when I say this effect requires just the basic of coin sleights, I literally mean just the basics. I will not go into detail as to what you should know or learn, but with at least 30-60 minutes of practice in the mirror or in front of a Camcorder (which I highly suggest, it’s the best tool I use when practicing my effects and performances). So if anyone was hesitant to buy this out of concern for difficulty, then that shouldn’t deter you, because even though the effect is very simple, we ALL know that simple hits HARD.


There are two ways to get into Exile and the first way is something I always utilize as an opener, and what I find really cool about this being an opener, is the fact that practically all of the work is done before you even begin the effect. It all comes down to showmanship, which may take some practice for some while others it just might come natural. So, out of all of the months that I have been performing this effect it has mostly been as an opener and it really is a crowd pleaser. Now the other method which I don’t use quite as often, is something that I have put somewhere near the middle of my routine but more towards the end. When you choose to use this method, the setup is so diabolical that you actually can do the setup right in front of them, and they still NEVER catch on or even get the slightest hint that something fishy is going on. It is so natural looking that the spectators don’t even have a clue that you just did about 90% of the effect right under their noses while the remaining 10% is pure showmanship as I previously stated. This is another amazing reason why I love performing Exile, the get ready is incredible simple and the effect is literally over before it began. Now since I am a close-up performer I can only speak from a close-up performer’s point of view. Whether you perform Strolling/Street Magic or close-up table magic, this would be an excellent edition to your routine if your style of performing is either of the two, Strolling/Street/Close-up Table Magic.

Overall Rating:

Overall, I would give Exile a 9 out of 10 and the reason for this, is the simple fact that Dan White never took into consideration that Amateur Magician who would buy this effect, only to find that they just might not know how to end clean. But if that topic had been addressed, then Exile could easily get a 10/10 because of it’s extremely, high visual nature. The versatility of the effects allows you to come up with all sorts of crazy and original routines, which I have, and they all get the same amazed and stunned reactions.
Then there’s the setup which is also incredibly simple and the fact that you can actually to the get ready in front of the spectator, which they have no clue as to what you’re doing, and then after than, like I previously stated, then gets you about 90% of the way finished, and the rest is just pure showmanship. And I must say that any effect that allows you to have the effect preparation done either in secret or with the spectators makes Exile a truly stunning and unforgettable effect. So buy this now before it becomes a deleted item!
Date Added: 06/11/2010 by Steve Hendry


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