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IntroducingExtinct by Agustin

Observe a single playing card visually disappearing between two card frames.

It's an unbelievable standalone effect, great for social media and live performances.

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Customer Questions:

  • Q. Is it a forced card or can any card be used? Also, can this be made for any deck?
  • A. You can use any card, but if you're using this in a live routine, you will need a table or something to cover yourself while you get it "ready" to perform. If you're only using this on video or for social media, then you can just start with the gimmick already ready to perform in your hands.

    And yes, you can make this gimmick with any deck of cards.

  • Q. Is this a beginner level trick / something a noob could perform : ) ?

    The purchase gets the video only? I need to cut 2 cards from a standard deck? And the 3rd card is a standard card?

    Any gimmick / things I need to do to do the trick are readily available & I can make? You don't need to send anything?!
  • A. A beginner can perform this, but keep in mind there is some arts and crafts needed to make the gimmick. Once the gimmick is made, it's not hard to operate it. We feel this trick is best suited for social media (on camera) performances versus trying to work it into a walk-around set (since there is a little "get-ready" setup you need to do before you can show the card sandwiched in between the other two cards. But if performing on camera or social media, you can already have that part ready before you execute the disappearance of the card from the middle.

    The purchase just gets you the video instructions. You will have to make the gimmick yourself. All things should be readily available locally from any popular store (or even Amazon) if you don't already own them. Nothing is sent to you except access to the video instructions.

  • Q. Is it hard to make,and do i need any special things to make or do i have it around? Any special glue that i might need or rubberbands or paperclips? Just wondering.
  • A. Hard or Easy is subjective. We would say it's not hard to make, but someone who has arthritis may disagree. I would say most people have all the things needed to make this except possibly one thing (some elastic thread), but that can be obtained at most local big box stores (Target, Walmart, etc) or on Amazon.

  • Manufactured by: Agustin

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