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by Wolfgang Riebe

Are you starting out, or fairly new to the magic profession? Are you an established pro that needs honest and open advice on how to become wealthy as a magician? This book should be the first and most important book in your magic book library!

You may know secrets of magic tricks, but more importantly, do you know the secrets to a wealthy magician lifestyle?

Let's be honest, besides the handful of famous magicians...
  • How many wealthy magicians do you really know?
  • How about magicians that can retire comfortably tomorrow?
  • Magicians that can withstand years of COVID-19 and not be affected financially?
  • Magicians that will need family, friends and social assistance when they retire?
The sad reality is, most magicians focus on the tricks, rather than planning for their future and building their wealth - that's the REAL SECRET!

This is book is not written by a financial guru trying to sell you products! However, it is a book written by a magician, for magicians who has a verified, successful, iconic magic career and shares solid, hard-core information based on real-life experience!

Not everyone will have the talent, or luck to get that big break, yet there is money to be made in the magic profession. The problem is that most magicians cannot manage their money properly and hence never end up being able to retire comfortably. The big question is... do you still want to be desperately competing for shows and standing on stage when you are 65? Or do you want to sit back, relax and enjoy many Memorable Magical Moments from an incredible magical career because you learnt a few practical tips from someone who has done it?

Warning! This book is written in lay language with blunt wording and vital, to-the-point information for over 18's! If you are entitled and believe the world 'owes you' - then this book isn't for you! If you are open-minded, prepared to listen and also accept a kick up the rear end in order to help you achieve your dreams, then you need to buy this book now!

Review: Love Melander: Sweden

This book is brutal and blunt! Wow, how much truth it contains.

If you can only afford to invest in a single book on the topic of magic, then choose this instead of the those that only share new tricks. The greatest secret of them all is to create wealth that lasts beyond your 'expiry date.'

Wolfgang does not embellish his text, instead he hits you with a straight right, followed by a slap from the left... and guess what? He's absolutely right about what he's writing! Luckily I was 22years old when started my pension insurance, and it was unusually early, but I could have done so much more. He openly share that he wishes he had this vitally important knowledge 30 years. All of us approaching 60 can only agree with his sentiments.

Those of you who are only 20-30-40-50 or 60, the ridiculous $15 price of this book is easily recouped within the first five pages! Thank you, Wolfgang, for writing one of the most important books for magicians in the 21st century.

Review: Regardt Laubscher: Cape Town

"The book that all magicians must read.. Yesterday already!"

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