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Imagine doing a Memory Act on your Virtual Show where you remember random choices of the spectator like playing cards, dates, times, star signs, holiday destinations, ANYTHING, welcome to Flash!

Demonstrate Superhuman Memory without doing any memory work.

Unlike an app which does just one thing, Flash is a Toolkit which has a variety of effects which you can perform on your Virtual Shows. The tool is designed to complement your existing effects and routines. You don't need to know any complex software like OBS, or ECamm. Any least Tech Savvy person will be able to work with Flash. You will be ready to perform a memory act on zoom after you go through the tutorials and practice for less than 60 minutes. Flash does everything for you - from creating a Memory Palace, memorizing all the necessary information to weaving a beautiful convincing story at the end. Just like his previous app Hydra, Shameer has identified and solved a problem which was never possible to solve otherwise.

Effect 1 - Memory Effect
Imagine you go over your spectators in the gallery view and ask them to shout out a playing card, a holiday destination or their favorite food, or a combination of all these. You can then demonstrate your superhuman memory where you memorize and replay every single information with 100% precision, without any mistakes and without doing ANY memory work.

Effect 2 - Party Which Hand
Play a Which Hand routine with all of your spectators at the same time and nail each one of them. (With blessings from Mark Elsdon)

Effect 3 - Word Association Game by Harry Riegel
Play a fun game with all your spectators. Not only you predict the last spectator's word, but also you remember all the keywords of all your spectators.

Effect 4 - Coincidence Routine by Harry Riegel
Create the biggest coincidence ever where you have a deck of cards that matches the order of the cards freely chosen by the spectators.

There are many more effects possible with Flash where you can combine with some of the existing effects you use in your shows.
  • Improves your Mnemonica routines at least by 50%.
  • Strengthen your readings
  • Play a Rock Paper Scissors game
  • Combine realist with Flash
Virtual Assistant Mode
You can get an Assistant to help you out and he/she doesn't have to be with you. It could be your friend on the same zoom call from any other part of the world.

Stream Deck Integration
Integrates very well with your Stream Deck Hotkeys

Brand New Routines by Harry Riegel
Harry Riegel, the creator of the effect Retail Therapy in Video Chat Magic Book has shared some invaluable routines and ideas to use FLASH on your Zoom Show. Harry shows some ingenious ways to use Rock Paper Scissors, the popular Forcing tool Realist, an Association Game and a Co-Incidence Routine.

Compatible with any virtual platform like Zoom, Webex, Teams, Google Meet etc. It has no dependency on OBS or any other tool. Flash does not restrict the performer in any way and is designed to complement your existing routines.

Flash is a desktop app designed to work on both Windows and Mac. This Modern Toolkit is for anyone and everyone performing on Zoom where you have an extra monitor screen.


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