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Flight of Fancy by David Regal

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 A chosen card travels to a different deck, and it's SELF-WORKING. No palming required. One of the most deeply fooling card tricks ever.

"Flight Of Fancy by David Regal is a 100% self-working "thought of" card TRANSLOCATION. The effect looks impossible, the method is ingenious, and the reactions are amazing!" - Cody S. Fisher

"Thank you David Regal to share again one comercial, practical and so powerful routine. I cant wait to start performing it." - Adrian Vega

All they do is think of the card, and it vanishes from one deck and reappears in the other. No mind-reading is necessary because the magic happens instantly, even though you never know the card they are thinking of. This is one of the most direct pieces of magic David Regal has ever created. This is Flight of Fancy by David Regal.

Here’s what happens. The magician offers a red deck of cards to the spectators. A card is selected, remembered, and then lost in the deck. A magical gesture is made, and then a blue deck that has been on the table from the very beginning is spread, and a single red card is discovered in the middle of that blue deck. The red deck is re-spread, and the selected card is shown to be missing. The audience removes the red card from the blue deck and turns it over, and impossibly it is their selected card.

Flight of Fancy is incredibly easy and incredibly powerful. You receive two gimmicked decks and video instructions featuring David Regal teaching all of the nuances that make this effect so powerful. The decks do nearly all of the work. There is no complicated memorized deck work or difficult sleight of hand. Flight of Fancy hits hard, and the reset is super easy. Don’t just transport a thought of card. Take a Flight of Fancy by David Regal.

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