FOB - by David Penn - Trick


I don't write reviews........I've been in Magic a very long time.....I got this today...just viewed...
Date Added: 01/02/2013 by Mystic Myron
A clever gimmick (don't let the simplicity fool you - this works very well) and excellent routining...
Date Added: 01/22/2013 by Mark Zust
Was very suprised at how usefull this gimick is. The slights are easy to do and the impact is...
Date Added: 02/21/2013 by Dennis J. Loewer
the trick is mindblowing for laymen.even those who know you must have swiched it dont have a clue.
Date Added: 08/29/2013 by Nitelea Alexandru-Barbu
One of the best card to impossible locations you can do for walk around. This has other...
Date Added: 12/08/2013 by Anonymous
This is a very powerful effect, it is fun to perform, easy to do and the gimmick is very sturdy and...
Date Added: 12/28/2013 by Kevin Donelle


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