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Folding Travel Spiral by Top Hat Productions - Trick


I bought this to replace my NON-folding spiral. The old one goes over great with audiences. I used the new folding version this week for an audience of about 150 and NO ONE perceived the illusion. With larger audiences often a few can't see it. But no-one - ouch. I repeated it three times - each time with added embarrassment. The adult audience was clueless. The spiral seemed to slip in my B&D cordless screwdriver. Perhaps that was enough to ruin the illusion. I'll buy a wrench and Phillip's screw driver to tighten the spiral REAL TIGHT and see if that helps. But carrying that extra hardware sort of defeats the portability advantage.

I improved the appearance of the prop by folding it up and carefully used a marker pen to make black sections of the fold to match the prop face. Would be better if Bruce made it that way or if the notes suggested this tip.
Date Added: 06/16/2018 by Wizard Jim


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