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ZERO SKILL REQUIRED   The deck is gimmicked making it one of the easiest magic tricks to perform
PRECISION CUT FORCE CARDS   Insures consistency and appearance during your performance with the gaffed deck
SPECIALLY SELECTED INDIFFERENT CARDS   Specific cards are chosen from a new deck to form half of the Svengali Deck
COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS   Covers assembly and performance of various tricks with the Svengali Deck
WIZARD COIN   1 Included with every product, includes video learning link for multiple tricks

Card Tricks! You’ll receive the knowledge behind one of the world’s BEST card tricks, the Svengali Deck. No years of practice and self-denial, as the deck is gimmicked, making it sleight of hand free! This deck has been secretly altered to perfection! We KNOW you’re not only going to cherish the secrets behind these prestidigitation classics, but the quality, as these are the finest decks available on the market today.  And NOW you can choose your force card! Set up your tricks in any fashion you wish.

We take multiple, brand new bicycle decks to create our Svengali Decks. We use precision cut Rider Back decks to gather the Force Cards needed for each deck. We use standard Bicycle Rider Back decks to assemble the Indifferent Cards for each Svengali Deck.

The Svengali Deck requires ZERO skill and can be handled freely to create the illusion of a regular/ordinary deck of cards. Cards are found, lost, and appear at chosen numbers. In one final impressive phase, the ENTIRE DECK is composed of the spectator’s chosen cards. The Svengali deck saves you from paper cuts, as it eliminates all sleight of hand. Complicated tricks like the Ambitious Card can be made easier with a Svengali Deck.

The Svengali Deck includes:
26 Indifferent (Long) Cards
26 Force (Short) Cards
2 Advertising Cards (Not used in the Svengali Deck)

Assembly of the Svengali Deck:

  1.     Shuffle the indifferent cards.
  2.     Place a force card, face up in a new pile.
  3.     Place an indifferent card on top of the force card.
  4.     Place another force card, face up on the pile
  5.     Continue to alternate cards until all 52 are in the pile, alternating long and short
  6.     You’re ready!

One Wizard Coin is included in every product from Ted’s Sterling Magic.  It indicates that you have received genuine Ted’s Sterling Magic products. If there is no Wizard Coin in your package, please contact your retailer.  Watch online videos to learn multiple tricks with this coin.

Bicycle® is a third party trademark and the Bicycle® brand and product are not affiliated with Ted’s Sterling MagicTM.

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