Fusion (Blue) by Mickael Chatelain

I've kept the method a secret for years!

Through my conferences, I've been able to present this effect all over the world! In close-up, with family, at parties or on the social media, this effect remains one of my favorites.

I've kept the method a secret for years, and today I'm proud to offer you this miracle! Don't wait any longer to discover Fusion, my new trick!

Fusion created by Mickael Chatelain

Changing one card into another is always an incredible moment in a trick, and an unforgettable one for your spectators! Imagine turning any card into the spectator's card with your fingertips!

Impossible and yet true!

Fusion lets you show a card on both sides of the face, until the last second, before transforming it into another card - the spectator's card, of course! Without any manipulation or suspicious handlings, the card changes between your fingers!

Believe us, Fusion will immediately become one of your favorite effects, so inexplicable, so visual and so stunning is it, even for a professional magician!

The routine is so simple:

A card chosen by a spectator, e.g. King of. The card is immediately lost in the deck, nothing else! Take the first card of the deck and show it to everyone. Nothing to do with the spectator's card, since it's the 9 of spades, for example!

Fold the 9 of spades in half in front of your spectators, saying "It's not the right one... too bad". But before you throw this card away, show it to everyone on both sides of the table one last time.

What's going to happen now is simply incredible!

Blow, shake or simply pass your hand in front of the 9 of Spades! Your spectators will then see this wrong card change into another card... the King of! The chosen card! Now unfold the King of and show it to everyone on both sides! It's a simple card!

We really insist, folks. Never has a card change been so visual and impossible! Believe me, it's so easy to do, it'll never leave your pocket! The wrong card is visible until the last second, and yet the very next instant, the card has changed into another!

  • Ultra-simple to present!
  • Super visual and bluffing!
  • Immediate reset, no manipulation required!
  • There's nothing to hide, impale or anything else - it's all there in plain sight!
  • The method and presentation are simply incredible!
Receive the gimmick and explanatory video for the Fusion only including packing.

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  • SKILL LEVEL: No Skill Required
  • Manufactured by: Gi'Mick Magic
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