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Genii Magazine - October 2009 - 75th Anniversary Celebration


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33 The JINX: 75th Anniversary Celebration
1 Anything Went by Harry Anderson and Jon Racherbaumer
3 A Letter from Mac King
4 Stripped Ease by Barrie Richardson
5 When Ted Went Postal by Marvin Miller
7 Satan is My Buddy by Bob Farmer
8 And the Oscar Goes to ... by David Ben
10 Fun Page
11 Who Do You Thrust by Stephen Minch
15 Roswell That Ends Well by Bob Cassidy
16 Christ Almighty and His "Force Majeure" by Ed Marlo, Bob Farmer, and Jon Racherbaumer
18 The Bird is a Word
20 Banacheck and Mate
21 Simply the Best by Jonathan Levit
22 Dürer Had a Word for It by Michael Weber
24 When the Cats Hissed by Eugene Burger
25 Cardblanche by T.A. Waters
26 Crisscross by Eddie Fields
27 Unfettered Letterss by Mike Caveney
28 Pardon My English by Derren Brown
29 The Big Day Of
30 The Rabbit Hole of No Return by Max Maven
31 The Little Theater in the Sky by Ricky Jay
32 Editrivia by Harry Anderson and Jon Racherbaumer

10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
11 Now Performing at The Magic Castle and in Las Vegas, New York
and Boston
12 The Jinx: Time Squared by Jon Racherbaumer
13 The Jinx: Harry and Ted’s Great Adventure by Harry Anderson
15 NOT Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition by Raj Madhok
18 Osborne Illusions: The Corpse Came C.O.D.by Paul Osborne
20 Lodestones: Echoes From the Valley by Tom Stone

Light From the Lamp
78 Books Reviewed by David Britland
78 Modern Art and Other Mysteries by Jim Steinmeyer
79 Gibicière, Summer 2009 Edited by Stephen Minch
80 Ken Krenzel's Relaxed Impossibilities by Stephen Minch
81 Tricks Reviewed by Danny Orleans
81 Metamorphosis by Wayne Dobson
82 The Pain Game by Jon Allen
82 Identity by Richard Sanders
83 Infinity Bend by Eric Ross
83 Mixed Up Happy Birthday by Jozo Bozo
83 Card Cognition by Rodger Lovins
84 Joker Monte/Cosmos Card Box by Dave Neighbors and Cosmo Solano
84 Permanent by Christopher Ballinger
84 Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
84 Illusion EFX by Andrew Mayne
85 Teaching Your Old Dogs New Tricks by Chuck Crespo
85 M5 System: Tactics and Training by Justin Miller
86 Senior Pitchman’s Reunion by School for Scoundrels
86 In the Life: Scoundrels Weekend with Doc Jon by John Deems
87 The Unusual Suspect by Matthew Wright
87 Menu of Miracles Volume 3 by James Prince
87 Super Charged Classics by Mark James
88 Subscription Information/Advertisers Index

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