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Glance Combo (2 Magazines) by Steve Thompson - Trick


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One of the best magic purchases I have ever made. It totally fries the audience. It's easy to do, packs flat, and is a real worker. I have owned a few book tests and this is by far the best....
Date Added: 04/07/2020 by Dustin Marks
wish the covers were thicker but the trick is great
Date Added: 02/19/2019 by Yosef Bender
I absolutely love this product! I performed it last Saturday for the first time and it was so easyand the audience were amazed....
Date Added: 02/19/2019 by Fred Osborn
This is one of the best effects released in 2012. Hard hitting, easy to learn. The magazines themselves are very well designed and appear to be typical business/news type magazines. There are multiple easy ways to get what you need, some quite innovative. Glance will hit your spectators right between the eyes! I do recommend replacing the covers. Don't follow the advice in the instructions on replacing a cover by re-inserting the staples! Simply go to your local Fed/Ed office (kinkos) and ask to borrow their long stapler... and voila, staple away and your mag will be rebound perfectly. The "Economist" magazine is a perfect size - time or Newsweek are a little less ideal as you will need to trim the Glance magazine a little. Overall Glance is just powerful as anything, and far better than ANY magazine test I have yet encountered, highest recommendation. ...
Date Added: 01/27/2019 by Brett B
This is a great product! The quality and packaging of the magazines were fantastic, and worthy of the price tag. Like all other reviewers, I think this is a great routine, and sure to stump alot of people. However, I think it needs to be said that you CAN'T choose ANY word. And if the spectators were to spend a little more time picking a word from the text, they might be able to figure that something is wrong. So it's the magician's job to manage them and not give them too much time to scrutinize the text. Also, you probably can't do this on the same person, twice. (at least within a certain period of time) Nuff said. Good stuff. ...
Date Added: 01/27/2019 by Shaun Chan
Just BUY THESE! I'd honestly prefer very few people buy these to keep them exclusive to a few. But if you are looking at this review, then it probably means you are considering the purchase. This is by far my favorite release of 2012! They are excellent, and powerful. And the price?!? COME ON!! A steal of a deal! ...
Date Added: 01/27/2019 by Scott Bays


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