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Hotel 1950 by Ludovic Mignon & Marchand De Trucs - Trick

  • Manufactured by: Marchand De Trucs


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The Story
During his heyday in 1950, Lucky Murphy was a professional gambler who traveled the world, fleecing suckers and operating every scam going.

Throughout his journeying, this con artist extraordinaire retained a passion for collecting cards... Hotel advertising cards.

People say he was incredibly and inexplicably lucky. When he visited one hotel in particular, however, his luck was set to turn...

The Routine
You hand a spectator a small bag that functions as a prediction, before bringing out twenty or so hotel advertising cards, which you also give to your spectator. While you turn away, she runs through the cards, one at a time. She chooses one, and slips it into her pocket... You turn to face her again, and promptly reveal the hotel she has chosen...

You decide to take the experiment a little further. The spectator takes back the packet of advertising cards and again stops on any she wants. You invite her to open the prediction bag, and inside she finds an old hotel room key-from the hotel she has just selected...

What's Included
A set of high-quality hotel advertising cards
A very special cigar box
Two custom-printed business cards
A cursed hotel room key
A beautifully laid out instructional booklet

New to "Hotel 1950"...

Cards: The hotel advertising cards have been completely redesigned with a vintage look that immediately takes your audience on a journey to 1950.Hotel room key: You'll get a stunning bespoke key fob and key for a breathtaking finale.

Cigar box: We've developed a box that not only enables you to have all the props you'll need with you all the time, but also incorporates a very special feature that ensures every step of the routine goes as smoothly as possible.

Bonus: "The Legend of Lucky Murphy" by Antoine Salembier
For this new version of "Hotel," we've joined forces with the genius fantasy-magic creator Antoine Salembier, and he's built a whole world for Lucky Murphy to inhabit. If you're a fan of spine-chilling tales that don't necessarily have happy endings, you'll want to find out all about the legend of Lucky Murphy!

Key Features
Top-quality props that look completely convincing, all expertly designed by Rémy Savary
A routine with a very strong impact on audiences
Perfect for any performing environment
A genuinely free choice for your spectators

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