Hysteria by Chad Long - Quarter Coins


This can be added to pretty much any table routine with 4 coins and is a great kicker because you use only one hand and its so magical!

I purchased the download because I already own a deans set which is perfect for this routine... I recorded myself doing it within an hour of watching the video and its like special effects! One person I showed it too said "It dont even look like you touched anything!".

Great reactions already... this is definitely going into my lineup of coin magic and then there is a bonus trick on producing 4 coins! I will likely be using the bonus effect too! Its a perfect way to bring in 4 coins magically.

Needless to say... if you love coin work... get this. I thought it was going to be super difficult... but its not at all! It just looks impossible!
Date Added: 01/26/2019 by Don Fickles


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