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(image for) Sudoku by Iarvel Magic
Sudoku by Iarvel Magic
Ever wished you could read minds? Prepare to astound your audience by predicting their choices with eerie precision! Picture this: you invite someone to select a number on a small pad, they jot it down, and... voilà! You reveal their choice before they've even shown you the paper....

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(image for) Sleuth Ball by Iarvel Magic
Sleuth Ball by Iarvel Magic
Do you have the ability to discern whether your closest friend is being honest? Absolutely, if you've known them for years. But what if it's someone you've only met once? Can you tell every single lie from a stranger? Very unlikely. Introducing Sleuth Ball , the remarkable prop that allows you to...

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(image for) Espionage by Iarvel Magic - Trick
Espionage by Iarvel Magic - Trick
IARVEL MAGIC presents Espionage , the most powerful and reliable magnet detector on the market! Espionage empowers you to achieve the most perplexing mental effects at your fingertips. BASIC EFFECT: While the best psychic in the world can only guess whether a coin is in someone's left or right hand...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 Products)
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