Imagination deck (BLUE) by Anthony Stan, W. Eston & Manolo - Trick

Imagination Deck will allow you to perform real miracles that your spectators won't forget!

Imagine a deck of cards that is brought out as a prediction from the beginning. Then a spectator freely names the card of his choice. The magician take the deck out of the case and reveal that the named card is the only card printed in the deck. All other cards are blank! Here is an example of what you can do with the Imagination Deck.

Here is the description of the "Imagination" routine:

A deck of cards is presented as a prediction at the beginning. Then the magician gives the spectator an imaginary deck from which the spectator will choose a card. Once the card is chosen, the magician takes the deck out of the case and reveals that the card chosen by the spectator is the only card face up in the deck. In addition, the card has a different color back than the other cards. And even more impressive, all the other cards in the deck have blank faces!

You also have the option of presenting an effect with multiple chosen cards as in the "Double Imagination" routine where you can reveal that the first chosen card is the only face-up card in the deck and then you reveal in a second step that all the other cards have blank faces except the second chosen card which is printed.

The effects you will perform with this deck seem totally impossible for the audience!
  • Only one deck - No deck switch
  • Any suit and any value - The 52 cards can be revealed
  • No thin cards - No double index cards
  • 6 routines explained in video (1h 20mins)
  • Bicycle deck supplied (USPCC) ready to perform
  • Available in red and blue

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  • SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
  • Manufactured by: Magic Smile Productions

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