Impossible Escape by Patricio Teran

A solid through solid effect YOUR SPECTATOR PERFORMS in their own hands, and is immediately examinable!

A modern puzzle that will baffle your spectators. Perform a solid through solid effect with insane visuals and props that can be fully examined before, during, and after your performance. Bend reality with Impossible Escape by Patricio Teran, presented by Casshan Wallace.

Here’s what happens:

Two unusual cards are introduced. One has two slots in it; both have a hole directly through the center. A brass brad is also shown that fits through the hole. One card is threaded through the slots of the other card, the brad poked through the center, and the legs bent outward to secure the cards together. The spectator can tug on the cards to ensure the brad is actually passing through the cards and genuinely securing them. With a magical gesture, the cards slide apart as though their molecules passed right through each other.

This effect is a mind-bending magical puzzle lay people and magicians alike will enjoy. The cards are genuinely examinable before, during, and after the effect. The method is diabolical and includes some beautiful displays that will thrill your magician brain. Taught in detail by Casshan Wallace, this effect fits in your wallet and is a perfect anytime, anywhere effect. Use logic to defy reality with Impossible Escape by Patricio Teran, presented by Casshan Wallace.

The ungimmicked cards you'll receive are durable and have a special coating that makes able to last for many performances. Two sets of cards included.

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  • Manufactured by: Penguin Magic (V)

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