COFFEE CUP by Mariano Goni - Trick
COFFEE CUP by Mariano Goni - Trick
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STELLAR is a beautiful little pocket wonder, unlike any other part of your routine.

- You can carry it as an actual card clip, which not only helps protect your cards and makes you look classy, but motivates the use of the prop.
- It's very high quality, with thick polished metal.
- It's easy to perform once you get the hang of it.
- It produces a unique effect that compounds the effect of divining the selecting card.
- You can make the stars twinkle without displaying the selecting card before you decide to reveal the selection. This lets you weave the prop in and out of your patter to introduce it.
- I would call it completely examinable. Spectators will lose interest in examining it long before they figure anything out. And even if they do, they'll still wonder how you/"it" knew what card they selected.

- Can't be repeated for the same spectators. Since the ad copy doesn't explain more about this, I won't. But if you connect the dots yourself you'll understand how this works. The "pro" spin on this "con" is that you can get to the point of the reveal by the method and presentation of your choice.
- Weighs about as much as a full deck of cards. I'm not sure how important the thickness of the metal is to the effect, but I wish it were lighter.
- There's a huge vanity logo for the manufacturer on the inside of the clip, which could lead a curious spectator to find the secret via Google.
- Some light sources and projection surfaces work better than others, but this is well explained in the instructional video. Basically you need a single-bulb source (like a smartphone, small flashlight, or even the sun) and a flat, light surface (like a wall or screen, or I've even used a dinner napkin held up by a spectator). So it's versatile, but it may not work in every situation.

Given the quality and uniqueness, I think STELLAR is worth the price and I've enjoyed using it.
Date Added: 01/30/2018 by Craig

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