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Boris Wild's Sensations (2 DVD Set) - DVD


I have the great pleasure of being Facebook friends with Boris so of course, I have to leave a review of this amazing collection of effects.

Boris never fails to deliver killer material and Sensations is no exception. Every effect is fully thought out and professional. 10 Max is a ten card poker deal with an entire separate book devoted to it that I would highly recommend. IPOP is a phenomenal Open Prediction effect with a borrowed shuffled deck. That is the best part of most of these effects is that they can be done with borrowed shuffled decks. If you liked Boris' Miracle Card at Any Number on his Remarkable Card Magic Vol. 3 DVD, then you will LOVE Symbiosis! So clean easy and impossible with a kicker prediction.

And last but not least his PURACAAN effect is the entire reason I bought the set. It is true, you can perform a stunning ACAAN with a borrowed SHUFFLED deck with very little suspicious moves. The moves you actually do are very motivated and don't look like moves. Worth the price by itself!

Boris does a wonderful job teaching every little thing you need to know to perform these routines and Big Blind Media does an excellent job at treating quality video that clearly shows each step.

Date Added: 02/04/2019 by Christopher Pullen


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