West Coast Conjurers Volume 1 by Tony Clark and Austin Brooks - DVD
West Coast Conjurers Volume 1 by Tony Clark and Austin Brooks - DVD
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Winners Dice (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Secret Factory


I have had this a good week and a half now. I like it, BUT, it does not seem to work 100% of the time. Most of the time, it works; but every so often, it does not, and I have not yet figured out what is causing the misses and/or if it is possible to ensure 100% reliability. Seems the set number also will eventually wear off after sitting by itself for a while, (such as a couple of days). I find that odd. I have noticed that, if the die is set to any number, you can reset it to any number other than the number directly on the opposite side of the die. For example, if you set it to roll a 1, you can set it to roll, say, a 4; but you cannot set it to roll a 6. It will continue to roll a 1 until you change it to another number and then set it to a 6. I also find that odd. It is cool when it works right, but there are quirks with it that are not disclosed when you purchase it. Seems like maybe they rushed to get it out and either left out covering the quirks, or failed to test it well enough to have realized they exist. And finally, the piece you need to force the number is thin and fragile. Coming in certain types of contact with the larger piece needed to set the number can actually snap the small, thin piece required for rolling the desired number, in half, (I am being vague so as to protect the method as best as is possible). Now I cannot use the die until I find and purchase a replacement piece.

This is a cool idea and, like I said, is cool when it works. Lots of potential. But mine broke right away; but not before I learned that it is not 100% reliable and has some frustrating quirks that I think those buying it, or thinking of buying it, should be made aware of.
Date Added: 01/10/2019 by Robert B.

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