Genii Magazine - February 2013 - MagoMigue
Genii Magazine - February 2013 - MagoMigue
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Overstuft by Bizzaro - Trick


I don't like Oreos (let the bashing begin) but after learning this effect, Bizarro may have helped the Oreo company gain one more customer. To put it simply, I really love this effect! It's quick, simple to do, the basic effect is to the point, all while packing an incredible visual.

Once you take it out of the packaging (neat little packaging, by the way) you immediately know the secret and can figure out how to perform it without even having to read the instructions. Albeit, I highly recommend reading the instructions and watching the video at Theory11.com because they all provide great performing tips. You are provided with two gimmicks so you can perform other different routines, and that's what's neat about this effect - you can come up with different routines that make this effect even more visual and incredible. A fellow magician below does make a good point, and maybe Bizarro can come out with an improved version in the future with other improvements on the gimmick: I wish the gimmick can be softer to make it easier to perform. The effect is already easy to perform but this improvement would be so helpful. Another neat thing about this effect is that spectators most likely won't ask to examine the gimmicked cookies. Oreos are very familiar to everyone, and because it's food, no one seems to think you're using fake, gimmicked cookies anyway. I've only performed this effect for a handful of close friends, and they never asked to examine the cookies. If you think you'd still worry about some spectators asking to examine the cookies, you can always pretend to lick the gimmicked cookies after you perform the effect. Spectators will most likely be reluctant to touch licked Oreos.

Despite how easy it is to perform this effect, I highly recommend giving it the practice it deserves. If sufficient practice isn't done the effect may look more like a gag than a miracle. I highly recommend getting this effect even if you don't like Oreos. I may just purchase another so I have a back up pair, or come up with different routines. This is my first Bizzaro effect, but definitely not my last. Bizzaro, if you're reading this: thank you! You are creative to say the least!
Date Added: 03/29/2019 by CMA from So Cal

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