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You end clean, the effect is outstanding, and my favorite thing is that the trick has a great theme. Having the Matrix theme is what really puts this over the top. The idea of the movie was that there was this fake reality being manipulated. Using that same theme while doing the trick, it makes the idea that the card appears in a seemingly impossible location that much more powerful.

And that was my biggest takeaway from this trick. So in magic we see types like Jay Sankey and Shawn Farquhars(both of whom I love) that are very funny and silly and witty. Then you have the David Blaine and Cris Angel types that go for dark and mysterious. What I liked about this is that it shows this awesome middle ground in delivery where you can have the effect be powerful without trying to seem dark and mysterious(which usually comes off as cheesy) or taking away from the effect with silliness.
Date Added: 05/09/2019 by Jacob


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