The Vault - The Red Pill by Chris Ramsay video DOWNLOAD


I knew Chris Ramsay for a while and this Product. For 15$ you get a trick that is so good,you're basically stealing it for that price. The instructions are 90 minutes long and Chris teaches you everything you need to know in great detail. There are two routines included, but I love the Red Pill routine more, where you leave the spectator with the decision, whether he opens the deck, because this is truly something magical. This goes straight into my repertoire. The only negative thing is, that you need a new sealed deck everytime you do this, so I recommend you doing this to a special person or a large crowd
Date Added: 05/09/2019 by Anonymous

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First, let me start with the fact that the free magic trick that I received after I signed up for the news letter is really fun and easy. I love...


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