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Service with a smile!
by: Ronald Cole

Thursday 18 June, 2020

Again today your response to my question was so rapid, I wonder if you sit there waiting for me to contact you. I'm being a little facetious, of course. However I had marveled in the past, when ever I had a need for a directive or request for information at how rapidly I received a response. The tone is not usually as a dry business reply, but much more as a friend. You make doing business with you a friendly affair. It is nice to get to know, at least a little, about the people I get to connect with.
This is a very long way of saying, Thank you for being you.
Ron Cole

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Normally it takes about a month for a package from US to Singapore (Asia)! THIS TOOK LIKE 4 DAYS! NO FREAKIN JOKE! AMAZING! its excellent and cheap...


I have ordered magic from numerous sources but MJM is THE BEST. Great personal service & price. I would recommend ordering to anyone. Thanks. Keep it...

Excellent Service

MJM Magic sent me regular emails updating me to the status of my order. It's nice not having to be in the dark as to what, if anything, has happened...

Hassle Free

Sat down this morning in search of packet trick sleeves. I not only found what I was looking for, the cost was super. I decided to further search for...

Great Value

Great Magic & Great Value and quick delivery. Thankyou