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Customer Service Feedback
by: Larry Kugelman

   Customer Service Feedback, Customer Service Testimonial

Sunday 21 November, 2021

Listen up, everyone. If anyone should know how Jeff & Brandi Mash run MJM Magic, it would be me. I am Jeff's very first customer when he opened the doors for business 20 years ago and I have purchased hundreds and hundreds of tricks and spent thousands of $$. MJM Magic is but one of over 30 magic sites I use, but it ranks Numero Uno when it comes to making sure his customers are satisfied...with their purchases, their inquiries, their returns, etc...if a piece was missing to a trick I bought, Jeff made sure a replacement was in the mail that very same day. Magic is a tricky business (no pun intended...well, maybe a little) and you can't divulge too much about a trick until they pay for it, but Jeff is a Master at it. Just yesterday I asked him something about a new Rubik's Cube effect that just came out called the Magic Mirror. It was a tough question to answer without giving away the method but Jeff danced around it and gave me the answer I sought without ever revealing the method. It's a skill he's learned and honed over the years. Before becoming a magician, I earned a degree in Journalism and wrote short stories for several different national publications, wrote monthly newsletters for trade unions and also edited many a college thesis for graduating seniors but I wouldn't be able to do what Jeff does. He runs a company and keeps inventory on thousands of products but still finds time to care about his customers. You're just a number at other magic sites but not at MJM. I often wonder if Jeff made a deal with the Devil and bargained for 4 extra hours per work day while us mere mortals struggle and toil with 24. And, Jeff and Brandi take their work home with them. I know because he wrote to me one night during his dinner because he promised me an answer that night to an issue I had. Now, THAT'S Customer Service. And THAT'S why MJM Magic is my Go-To online Magic Shop over all the rest for over 20 years!

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Excellent service

All items came on time, and were exactly what I expected. Excellent service, would buy again! Thanks MJM Magic!

Back in magic

After being out of magic for 6 months I return to the one and only best magic store online MJM.

Very happy with service!

My first purchase and I'll certainly be back. Everything was as described and the free shipping even into Canada was great. Thanks for the great...

Such a great shop!

It's take just ~10 days for delivering my order to Russian province town with cheap Priority Mail :). Order was well packed too! Thanks.

So Surprised!

You guys rock! Your customer service is great. I ordered a package of about $62 with 3 special order items in it on a Monday, and you guys e-mailed...