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Welcome to "Instant Hypnotist" with Mike Lee! Mike Lee is an awarding winning entertainer that has performed 1,000's of shows nationwide including Season 4 of Penn and Teller Fool Us in Las Vegas. Mike is excited to teach you 15+ hypnotic secrets that you can use to entertain anyone - anytime - anywhere! Final product will be delivered as a digital product via a private email link. I am a college psychology professor and filled all of these demonstrations with one of my classes and it was the highlight of the semester! The amazing part of this product is it won't take you years of study as all of these secrets and methods work on their own. Although it appears you put people into hypnotic spells, everything you will learn have a secret psychological or physiological method behind them. You can display superpowers to all your family and friends and entertain them for 30+ minutes and since no props are needed you can perform these with anyone, anywhere, and anytime...even naked (not recommended!) - this project is great for complete beginners as well as professional entertainers to add new tools to their toolbox.

In this project you will learn and be able to demonstrate the following in minutes: The Rising and Falling Hand - This secret by itself is worth the entire price! You will be able to control the arm movements of a volunteer just by pointing at their arm and making it rise and fall without saying a word! The Magic Touch - Another secret that will blow people away! Have a volunteer with eyes closed feel the same touches on their shoulder that you do to another person! ESP - Great effect for the dinner table or a restaurant! Give the ability for a volunteer to know secretly said or written messages with their eyes closed! The Shrinking Arm - Have someone stand and touch the wall. After closing their eyes and never moving their feet and giving them the proper hypnotic suggestions, they will no longer be able to touch the wall! The Spinning Arm - Demonstrate the power of imagination by showing you can spin your arm around a full 360+ degrees even if you are not flexible! The Power of Suggestion - Make a volunteer lose the ability to follow simple verbal instructions through the power of suggestion! Viral Challenge - An old viral challenge from years ago will have your spectators' minds spinning when they cannot accomplish a simple task. Crazy Eye Roll - A secret of hypnotists to discover who is the most hypnotizable volunteer. It is super entertaining to watch by your audience! Glued Shut - Create an amazing moment displaying the power of imagination and focus by having a volunteer unable to open their eyes! Swallow - Create another amazing moment when a volunteer loses the ability to do something they do every day - swallow! Magnetic Fingers - A favorite demonstration by professional hypnotist. Have your spectators' fingers slowly close together just with their imagination! Stuck Fingers - Another favorite display by professional hypnotists. Have a volunteer end up with their fingers locked together and unable to separate! Stuck Arms - Demonstrate the power of the mind when you are able to unlock your arms and the volunteer can't no matter how hard they try! Arm Split - Demonstrate superhuman strength by being able to separate the locked hands of a volunteer using just your two fingers! Arm Bar - Have your volunteer demonstrate the power of imagination by being able to lock their arm in place through visualization! Foot Stuck - Have a volunteer see the power of focus when they lose the ability to lift their foot of the ground! Floating Arms - An old trick we used to do when we were kids. Have a volunteer's arms float into the air by themselves! BONUS: Ice Water Challenge - The only hypnotic trick you need something to perform (cold water) but show the ability with imagination to put their hand in ice water 5x longer than the first attempt using hypnotic suggestion! AND MORE: 19 EFFECTS IN ALL!! PURCHASE TODAY!

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