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It's A Biddle Thing by Paul A. Lelekis mixed media DOWNLOAD

  • Manufactured by: Paul A. Lelekis

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Learn some of the most deceptive magic ever created, by a modest man, Elmer Biddle...

5 Impromptu effects plus a BONUS trick!

Included with this e-book are 3 videos and 10 pictures. This e-book is a deep-dive into the famous "Biddle Move", which is composed of The Biddle Steal and the much less known, The Biddle Switch - and all 5 tricks are IMPROMPTU! The videos teach the proper way to perform both Biddle Moves with in-depth instruction - plus the 4 as 5 Count.

BONUS Effect!
A 6th trick taught here is topological and can be used as a fun ESP effect or a straight up prediction! A written message on the card box cellophane changes into another message!

All 6 tricks are in the author's regular repertoire.

Included is a Bio of Elmer Biddle and an Introduction that is a must-read!

NOTE: Many of the included effects have been in other e-books by Paul Lelekis, so you may opt to not buy this tome. However you may miss some superior instruction on the Biddle Moves.

B-FLY - This excellent version of the Biddle Trick uses only ten cards and is a real stunner...and it's easy to do.

21st Century 21 Card Trick - This a beautiful version of a Marlo effect that Paul has revised to be EASY to do! A selection, unknown to the performer travels to three piles of cards in an amazing fashion...highly interactive!

E-Z Cards Across - Many Pro magicians have chosen to perform Paul's exceptional 2-stage version of this hilarious CLASSIC! It doesn't get any easier than this!

The Invisible Card - Another classic of magic that was popularized by the late Paul Cummins. This effect is a must for every magician's repertoire.

A Devilish Miracle II -LEARN THE BIDDLE SWITCH here. One of Paul's very favorite effects - and it is a stunner! Two spectator's selections transpose with absolutely no clue as to how this is possible! This showcase will be one of your very favorite tricks to perform...guaranteed.

The Hidden Message
is a real winner! Write a message or 'bar code' or anything you wish on the side of a deck of cards - then shake the deck and the message turns into an answer or a hilarious response - have fun with your spectators with this one!

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