Ivox Magic

MoneyGrand by Ivox Magic - Trick

Now you can produce money from nowhere!    This big appearing bouquet of 100 US dollar bills is supervisual and easy to appear in your hands.  It is very realistic with high-quality looks like real money.    Very clever system to arrange the bills and takes up no...

 Ready To Ship: Between Dec 4th and Dec 7th
(Availability Guaranteed - Only 6 left!)

MoneySafe 2.0 - One Man Illusion!

Pack small, Play big!     The magician shows to the audience a completely empty box with modern design of safe deposit. Suddenly he starts to produce two bouquets of real US dollars from the empty safe box.     This handmade box is completely foldable and can stay folded...

 Ready To Ship: Between Dec 4th and Dec 7th
(Availability Guaranteed - Only 4 left!)


Number one shop

On the internet you can order where want, but for me there is only one place to shop, even while I live on the other side of the ocean, and that is...

Special Help from MJM

I ordered the Ultimate Sketch Pad with plans to use it with a group of kids in a week. MJM had the manufacturer ship directly to me. I received the...

MJM Customer Service

Brandi at MJM's customer service has always responded to my emails in a timely fashion and has always been helpful; she is excellent, as is MJM's...

Amazing Customer Service

I feel like a bum because I haven't written about MJM's amazing service yet- and I've ordered a lot from this site. It's the only site I use to...

Great Service and Support

I have made several purchases from MJM Magic over the past year or so, and I always find the service to be fast, the prices great, and the products...