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JOL Deck Holder by Jerry O'Connell & Prop Dog - Trick

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52 pieces of intricate apparatus, commonly called playing cards, let it be known I don’t travel with a small show.
My printed paste boards get remove from a sleek, soft, classy leather card holder... arriving to their show in true Lamborghini style and not a cardboard clunker.
Date Added: 01/10/2018 by Khuldrin Blackphlame


Fast Service

I cant believe the fast service I have received on every order.

Thanks so much Brandi M

I have been buying from MJM magic for years. Their prices and quality keep me coming back. Brandi M works there. She gave me great customer service...

Shopping Experience Feedback

Shopping Experience Feedback

This was my first time ordering from MJM Magic. They had all the cards I wanted and shipping was fast. I will definitely be ordering again!


I just wanted to say thanks MJM for being effecient. I ordered two DVD's a day apart in two seperate orders but when I was expecting one of them to...

Ultimate Wild Card

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