Kandu's Hank & Rope Trick by Jef Eaton

Take a look at the picuture! You get all of that in a box, yes a box of magic!

A comedy kid show winner from kandu! And it's two tricks in one!

Effect #1 - Kandu's Hank Trick Plus:

The magician tells the audience he is going to perform the "Amazing Hank Trick" and displays a sign saying justthat. He then asks the kids to help by repeating "Amazing Hank Trick" every time he shows the sign. He tells the boy he will get a yellow and red hank, and the girl will get a green and blue hank. Why? Because he's doing "Amazing Hank Trick!"

The performer now shows a pair of hanks tied together that are supposed to be the colors the boy gets, but they match the girl's instead. As he realizes his mistake, he points to the girl and says, "These hanks are her colors, not yours." As he says this, the hanks magically change color to match the boy's. The magician doesn't see this, but the audience wastes no time in telling him. As he points to the boy, the colors change again!

The magician is confused, puts away the hanks, and asks the kids, "Who gets which colors?" The audience tells him. Why? Because they are doing the "Amazing Hank Trick!" The performer gives the boy and girl the correct hanks, and proceeds to push the hanks into a clear plastic tube with his wand. First the bottom cap falls off and the hanks fall to the ground. Next he pushes them back into the tube and puts the wand under his arm only to have the kids notice that two of the hanks are now hanging from the end of the wand.

Finally, the performer gets the hanks back in the tube and puts the cap on the tube only to have it pop off. This can be repeated as may times as you wish. The tube is now laid in a stand while the performer takes the sign and lays it flat like a tray. The tube is now removed from the stand and stood upright on the back of the sign and covered with a bandana. The bandana is tossed up into the air while moving the sign back upright. The performer explains that the hanks and tube have vanished, but the audience can see the tube sticking out from the back of the sign. The performer sheepishly tells them he can't do that trick, but with their help he can do something even better. The magic words are said and the hank is removed to show it has magically transformed into a multicolored hank!

You receive the following:

* One special HANK TRICK sign (gimmicked)
* Four 9 inch silk hanks
* One 18 inch muticolor hank
* One magic wand
* Three tubes and caps (1 for a spare)
* One double color changing hank
* One bandana
* One special custom built tube switching stand

Effect #2 - kandu's Rope Trick Plus:
The magician uses three volunteers. Each is handed a piece of rope, and with the help of the magician, they try to tie them into circles. The knots keep coming undone; one volunteer can't grab the rope, and the 3rd one gets just a little piece. Finally they succeed and the rope circles are placed in a tube,but the cap keeps popping off. The tube is laid in the stand, and the sign removed. The volunteers wave the magic wand, and when the rope circles are taken out of the tube they are linked together!

The magician then asks each volunteer to wave the magic wand again, and when they do each knot falls from the circles leaving three continuous loops of rope with no seams!

You receive the following:

* One special "Rope Trick" sign
* Three linked ropes
* Three long pieces of rope
* Four short pieces of rope
* Complete instructions with two different routines: one utilizing ropes, the other utilizing silks!

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