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Kartis Bill Change 2.0 by Kartis and Tango Magic - Trick


I owned a previous version of this trick and have enjoyed performing it impromptu and on stage. I was intrigued about the new version (2.0). I will admit that I was a bit disappointed in some ways. 2.0 has in some ways made the effect more complicated. Even so, it also has some advantages over the original effect. The bill change is highly visual - done with one hand with no folding of the paper or the bills. A blank piece of paper is held in one hand and with a 'snap' it is now a bill that can be shown fairly honestly on both sides. Kartis Bill Change is easy to perform but angles require a bit of concern. An issue for some will be the promo. It shows the newly produced bill immediately being handed out to the audience. That can be achieved but requires advanced skills that many won't possess. But the basic effect, whether 1.0 or 2.0 is 'knock-out' visual magic that is seldom found. A one star deduction because the promo. It is a bit deceptive.
Date Added: 04/27/2018 by Paul E.


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